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Heal Teeth Naturally

Can you heal teeth naturally? With the ongoing expensive dental treatments, people are searching for ways to repair teeth naturally.

Once a tooth is damaged or has cavity, it has cannot heal on its own. This is what has been taught to everybody. However, dentists have reported seeing , damaged teeth heal naturally without any medical aid. Some have argued that if a cavity is small, it is possible for the tooth to heal on its own. There are others who believe that teeth are bones and bones can heal and regenerate. So a tooth cavity if left alone can heal itself, it is just that we never give it a chance. As soon as a cavity is discovered, it is quickly filled up with some metal or porcelain.

There are many accounts of people who had their teeth heal naturally using different methods without any medical intervention. There was the case of all front teeth with badly damaged enamel completely replace while during fasting. There will instances of broken teeth growing back while on a natural food diet. Some people on raw food diet even reported regrowing their lost tooth.

The human body has the natural ability to regenerate and restore itself to health. Given the right conditions, it can recover from a disease, wounds can heal and bones regrow. So it is the same with our teeth if given the chance to do so. We have to feed our bodies with the right nutrients, so that it can do the job of healing itself. We have to stop doing things that are damaging for the teeth and giving our bodies to right nutrients so that it can heal teeth naturally.

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