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Herbs to Cure Tooth Decay

Natives in most countries in the world use herbs to treat all their ailments. The jungle is God’s gift to mankind. Long before western medicine exist, people use leaves, roots, barks and stems of plants for food and medicine. There are natural remedies to relieve pain such as headache and toothache. There are herbs to cure tooth decay, prevent tooth cavities, relieve toothache, reduce the formation of plaque, treat receding gums and mouth sores. Here are some herbs used to cure tooth decay and other dental problems, some of these ingredients can be found in the kitchen :

1) Cloves
Cloves is a home remedy in India used to treat common ailments such as headache, toothache, cough and asthma. It has a natural antiseptic called eugenol. Clove oil is sold in drug stores to treat toothache. One or two drops of clove oil directly into the tooth cavity will relieve the pain.

2) Licorice

Licorice roots has been used by Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Commonly found in many Chinese medicine prescriptions, it is used to treat common ailments such as cough and cold symptoms, liver problems, ulcer and viral infections. It has antiviral properties, and thus chewing on licorice root helps to neutralize oral bacteria from plaque

3) Thyme thyme
Thyme has antiseptic and anti fungal properties and amongst other ailments, it can be used to treat gum problems and prevent tooth decay.

4) Coriander:
Coriander, known in Asia as Chinese parsley and the Americans called it cilantro is a common kitchen herb. It has antibacterial properties which helps to heal mouth ulcers and infections.

5) Sage
Like all other herbs commonly used in the kitchen, sage too has antibacterial properties that can cure tooth decay. You can make a cheap and effective mouth rinse by brewing sage in water.

6) Salt
Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. The salt water will easily remove any food lodged in the tooth and kill any bacteria that may be causing tooth decay.

7) Goldenseal herb
Goldenseal herb was traditionally used by Native Americans to treat a number of diseases including digestive problems and liver conditions. Tea made from this herb can be used as a mouth rinse or gargle to treat mouth sores and sore throat.

8) White Oak Bark Powder
White Oak Bark Powder helps strengthen gums and tighten teeth to gum. There is a story by Dr. Moffat about a man who had severe case of bleeding and infected gums. His dentist wanted to do an expensive gum surgery. Two months after using white oak power, he had healthy pink gums with his teeth re-adhered to them.

9) Myrrh
Myrrh - An ancient herb used in Biblical days for various medicinal purposes. To cure mouth infection and maintain good dental health, add 30 drops of myrrh tincture to a glass of warm water and use it as a mouth rinse.

10) Green Tea
Green tea not only in rich in antioxidants, it also has natural fluoride properties. Thus making drinking green tea regularly an effective way to cure tooth decay.

11) Toothache Tree
Yes, there is such a plant called toothache tree. It is aromatic shrub native to North America. Also known angelica tree, prickly ash and suterberry, the natives chewed on the bark to relieve their toothaches. It is also used to treat stomach disorders, sore throats and skin infections. Herbalist used the bark of toothache tree to treat rheumatic conditions. It is also used to treat dry mouth as it induces the secretion of saliva and thus prevent tooth decay.
12) Cranberry Juice
Research have found that cranberry juice to be effective in improving oral hygiene as it inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth and thus reduces plaque formation.

13) Wheatgrass Juice
Drinking wheatgrass juice helps to prevent tooth decay and gargling wheatgrass juice helps to relieve toothache and treats bleeding gums.

14) Xylitol

Xylitol is a natural sweetener made from fiber  of plants.  Frequent use of xylitol helps cure tooth decay, regenerate receding gums. Xylitol is used to treat dry mouth and increase saliva flow and prevents tooth cavities.

There is a long list of herbs to cure tooth decay, receding gums, toothache and many other dental problems. However, as each individual is unique, each and every one’s body will response different to the herbs. What works well for one may not be so for another. The key is to find out which one works best for you. Beside treating the symptoms, one should also practice good oral hygiene habits and cut back on the consumption of food with high sugar content.
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