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Tooth Remineralization

Tooth enamel is made up of minerals, the most common one being calcium phosphate. Acids caused by bacteria in the mouth attack the tooth enamel, causing the minerals to dissolve, resulting in the softening of the tooth enamel and finally a cavity is form. Tooth cavity is often treated by drilling out the decayed part and patched it up with a dental filling. Very severe cavity may require a crown or a root canal. Many of us hate going to the dentist as it is unpleasant and costly. What we are not told is that there is another way of treating dental cavities. 
The gradual erosion of the tooth enamel is a process called tooth demineralization. This process can be reversed, given the right conditions. This reverse process is called tooth remineralization. It occurs when the lost calcium from the tooth is being replaced. The enamel can repair itself  once the erosion stops and calcium is being replaced. In order for tooth remineralization to place, the following conditions must be present:
  1. The surface of the tooth must be very clean.
  2. There must be sufficient flow of saliva in the mouth.
  3. There must be sufficient calcium and other minerals present in the saliva.
In order to have sufficient minerals in your saliva you will need to have a healthy diet. It is not enough just to avoid food that is high in sugar to avoid cavities. We need food that is high in calcium, minerals and vitamins to help our teeth heal on its own.

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