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Saliva To Repair Tooth Decay Naturally

Every toothpaste advertisement says that you can avoid getting tooth decay by brush your teeth frequently. This is not true as studies have shown that those with beautiful shinning well brush teeth are found to have tooth cavities that cannot be seen on the surface of their teeth.

Tooth decay starts from the inside of the tooth and not on the surface. That is why a lot of small cavities cannot be seen with the naked eye. Lots of people with beautiful white teeth are found to have tiny bubble-like holes, which cannot only be seen under sophisticated microscope.

The tooth is protected by an outer white coating called the enamel. The tooth enamel protects the tooth from wear and tear. It has always been taught that sugar is the major cause of tooth decay. The truth is that acid in the mouth caused the tooth enamel to erode and create a cavity. The inner side of the tooth will decay first, causing tiny pits in the tooth enamel. The tooth cavity if not treated, eventually gets bigger and the tooth cavity can now be easily spotted.

The main cause of acid in the mouth is due to the bacteria in the mouth feeding on the sugars and in the process, it produce acid. Eating citrus fruits like orange and lemon also leads to strong acidity in the mouth. If the acid is allowed to remain in the mouth for long, the teeth enamel will start to erode and that leads to cavity.

If the acid is removed, it is possible for small dental cavities to be reversed as the tooth has the chance to repair itself naturally.

Saliva in our mouth is alkaline and therefore it is  a good counteract for acid. Saliva is thus the remedy to repair tooth decay naturally. It neutralizes the acid in the mouth and gives calcium to the teeth so that tooth cavity are repair naturally.

To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended that you:
  • chew sugarless chew gum after each meal. The increase saliva will help neutralize the acids caused by bacteria, which are active during this time.
  • cut down as much as possible snacks in between meals.
  • avoid eating just before bedtime as the amount of saliva in the mouth is lesser while you are asleep.
  • reduce the amount of acid and bacteria in your mouth by eating less sugar or starchy foods.

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